Heat styling is a necessary evil in the world of hairstyles. With that importance, an easy to use hairdryer is an excellent start, a good curling iron can add volume to stick straight hair and a superior flat iron can take curly hair to super straight, sleek levels.


When you style your hair with these essential tools, you expect them to make your job easier, right? Saying that... giving your hairstyle a good foundation to sit on will definitely help your look to last longer.


A great recommendation is to blow dry a styling cream, gel or mousse into your hair with a radial hairbrush, aiming to firstly dry it, and secondly smooth out any unwanted texture as well as create even movement and shine. 

Start by applying your chosen product, and dry freehand with your fingers until your hair is between 80% and 100% dry - then, when you section to use your radial brush its all about moulding your hair into the shape desired.


Here are some hair care tips to help you maintain healthy hair no matter how many times you manipulate your God-given texture with heat.


Tip 1: Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, keeping the moisture balanced. Make sure you get the best possible advice from your stylist for your specific hair needs.

Tip 2: Use a deep conditioner once or twice a month -- especially if you straighten your hair on the regular.


Tip 3: Use a heat-protecting hair serum or spray before and after blow-drying.

Tip 4: If you are going to use a flat iron, let hair air dry the night before or use the lowest setting on your blow-dryer if you didn't plan ahead.

Tip 5: When you straighten your hair, select the lowest temperature possible that will still give you the straightening effect you desire.


Feel the need to ask your stylist for some guidance? Please do!